Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I can't get "Katie" out of my mind.

Who is Katie, you might ask?

She is a 21 year old young woman who has decided to LIVE a truly Christ-like life.
She is, at this point, a mother to 14 and caretaker to over 400 in a small village in Uganda.
And she makes me want to do SOOOOO much more with my life than I have up to now.

Her blog is full of inspiration... like this thoughtful quote...

"People say to me often, "You are so lucky that you found your calling, that you know your purpose in life." This statement boggles my mind. I AM so blessed to live the life that I do. But it isn't rocket science. God did NOT part the sky and shout out to me, "Katie! Serve my people." I read it in His word. You can too. We can all see as plain as day that Jesus says the number one commandment is to love the Lord and love your neighbor. I happened to move to Uganda and love those neighbors, but that is not the point. As believers, we should already KNOW our calling; it is to love the Lord and love our neighbors by caring for them in whatever broken state they are in."

I have never met this woman, but I feel changed by her.

I am so incredibly and indescribably lucky and fortunate to have the life that I have.
Katie reminds me that with all of these things comes a responsibility.
A responsibility to love. And serve. And teach. And give.

If you are feeling the need or desire to be inspired, too, check out her blog.
It is www.kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com
You are welcome!:-)


Jillienne said...

I have her blog in my feeds! She truly is AMAZING! You can't help but want to do BETTER!!

For another amazing story read from this blog http://joiningthejourney.blogspot.com/. Watching their story unfold has been inspiring to me. They are friend with Katie also.

Brit said...

I ♥ it, thanks for sharing