Monday, February 8, 2010

Jesus was adopted

Sometimes, I am amazed at the insight of my children.
Like the other day...
Belly-ome was sitting next to me in the tub.
She started to talk about all of the people that she loves with her beautiful, 3 year old heart.
"I love Jesus and Heavenly Father," she said.
I asked her "Why?"
She responded by saying "because Jesus died for me so that I could live with Him in Heaven again... and mommy, Heavenly Father is Jesus' first daddy."

Now, we as a family talk about "First" Families all of the time. This is the terminology that we use for B-Man and Belly-ome's biological families. So, when Belly-ome used this term, I understood exactly what she meant. I will be honest though, I was amazed that she had made this connection.

"Who adopted Jesus?" I asked.
"Joseph did. But Mary was his first mommy." She said.
"Jesus was adopted just like me and B-Man, right mommy?"
And then she added, with a hint of pitty... "but not Magoo and Bubba?"

Bless her heart, Belly-ome feels sorry for my biological children. How sad is it to her, that her brother and sister do not have something so beautiful and significant as adoption in common with Jesus. Even Bubba feels sorry for himself and has taken to calling one of his aunts his first mommy just in order for him to not feel left out! :-)

It has been a fear of mine, since the moment that Nate and I decided to adopt, that our adopted children would feel the stigma of being "less than" because of their adoptions.
That fear has no place in our home as long as my daughter and son continue to see their story in the One who was sent to earth to bring us home.
What a blessing all of my children are.


Erica said...

okay that is so darling. you have the cutest kids.

Jenn said...

Oh, that is AWESOME.

Stroup Family said...

That is so sweet! I continue to pray every day that my two little Guatemalans will understand the same thing!