Sunday, March 21, 2010

CALI Trip 2010

Every few years, we get to stay in a FABULOUS home in Dana Point, California and hang out with Mickey Mouse.
2010 was NOT actually our year to go.
But, Nate's sister couldn't use the house this year.
And we decided- "who are WE to waste a perfectly beautiful home and perfectly wonderful opportunity to go on a vacation?"

So, three weeks ago, we headed to California.

You may need some background to understand how big this trip is for my family...
For some reason, my husband does not love DisneyLand.
I feel like that opinion is Un-American.
My husband doesn't like beans or sweet potatoes either.
Those things I can handle.
But, I made sure that whether he liked it or not, our children got a heavy does of the most famous mouse ever on our Cali Trip 2010.

We got to ride pretty much every ride we have ever wanted to.
We got to eat with the Disney characters at Goofy's Kitchen.
We got to watch the parades.

My boys got to be Jedis and fight against Darth Vader.
My girls got to sing with Princess Tiana and hold her hand.

And I have to say... after three days of non-stop DisneyLand fun, I was DONE!
So glad that we had a day to play at the park and swim in the pool.
So glad that we had a day to go to the movies and watch that weird Alice in Wonderland movie.
So glad that we got to eat lunch with Nate's step-sister and her boyfriend.

I am just so glad that we had such a wonderful chance to spend time as a family.
How blessed are we?!?


Uffens Family said...

What a fun trip and SUPER cute pictures and I am sure so many awesome memories!! Next time I will go with you...Mike is not a fan of Disneyland either!!! The funny thing is, the older I get the MORE I love it!!!

Jennifer said...

Rachel... Let's go!!!

Mandy said...

I am so glad-that looks like SO much fun. Braden brought me there for my first time last summer. What a blast! I'm so glad ya'll got to go, even on an off year. P.S. I showed your family picture to my colleagues to show off how adorable your family is and all of your kids.

Rebekah said...

Jen! Shoot me an email when you have a moment. I have a question for you:)