Saturday, October 24, 2009

What to do?

I figure that I am a pretty decent mom most days.
Not perfect, but certainly not worthy of calling DCFS on.

But sometimes, I just think that I suck.

Sometimes, I can't handle it when the girls are whining over me fixing their hair.
Sometimes, I get annoyed when my boys tattle on each other.
Sometimes, I look at the food that I worked for an hour to prepare that the kids have "decided" they don't like and feel drained.
Sometimes, the bathroom toilets get a ring around them and I have no will power to clean them.
Sometimes, time-outs don't work on my kids and all I want is to be put in time-out myself.
Sometimes, I am brought to my knees... brought to tears... begging Heavenly Father to give me the patience and love that my children deserve.
Sometimes, I recognize painfully, that I don't have the answers.

So, mommies... what is the solution?
What do you to "be a good mom" when your children are working hard to bring out the devil in ya?

Sometimes, all I can think is "Good thing ya'll are cute! That may just be your saving grace!"


Jenn said...

Pizza and movie night! And a prayer to do better the next day. All you can do is try to be better - not once has guilt made me a better mom. (((Hugs))) - I TOTALLY get where you're coming from!

Sara said...

Does it help any to let you know you are not alone. I have no idea what the answer is...Let me know when you figure it out. About 75 % of the time I feel like you just described. Then the other 25% is filled with those simple moments when my kids just make me smile and laugh and I remember why I actually do like being a mom. Thank goodness for those small moments!

Rebecca Parker said...

Kinda ironic that yours isn't the first post I've seen like this lately & I was just drafting mine, but was interrupted by my boys & had to be a mom again instead of just lamenting online:) So stay tuned for mine, but in meantime-glad I'm not only one!! i need to do better on dwelling on their positives, but think we're all entitled to feeling a bit burned out from time to time...they're raising us too:)

Brit said...

The pictures are amazing...dang girl you have a cute family :)

Lance said...

I love what you posted and you said it perfectly. I feel the same way. It kind of makes me laugh (not when Im feeling that way but that someone else is the same so maybe we're normal). Your family is beautiful and I love the pics. It is a good thing that kids are cute because there is no other way they'd survive.
They other day I'd had ENOUGH with Ellie and Logan and Ellie told me she thought it would be a good idea if I learned how to be nice to my kids. Ha Ha!