Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WOW... Time flies!

I am so sorry to the two of you who read my blog...
It is not like big things haven't been happening around here.
Since I last blogged, we have been camping and/ or boating in Lake Powell, Yuba Lake, Utah Lake, Jordanelle, Bear Lake, Willard, Sand Hollow and Deer Creek.
We have hiked, swam, played, laughed and had "adventures" of all kinds.

I don't quite know why I stopped blogging.
Maybe it is because I had to let go of a lot of adoptive connections that I had by changing my blog.
Maybe it is because I forgot how important it has been to me to keep a collection of my family's memories.
Or maybe it is just because I am the mother of four children and I am freakin' tired!!!:-)

So, since I am way behind and don't quite know how to start back up, I am just going to create a list of things my family and I have discovered this summer...

1. Campgrounds with visible snake tracks should not be camped in.(Yuba) Your boat may nearly capsize and definitely run aground and you may lose a tent or two. No fun.
2. Belly-ome's hair can maintain corn rows for up to 6 days before she looks like a homeless child.
3. I can fix Belly-ome's corn rows with just the right mixture of a cartoon on the television and liquid courage for myself (Crystal Light white grape is my intoxication of choice)
4. B-man can do just about anything physical when asked (ie. diving off the boat, wake boarding, tumbling, flipping on the trampoline, etc)
5. Bubba does not mind B-man being more physically adept, but B-man can NOT handle it if Bubba is better at anything.
6. Magoo can read.
7. My nose surgery last year did not do a damned thing to help me breath this year.
8. Nate's new job is a God send.
9. I love Utah 5 months out of the year. Those five months are now over.
10. I love DisneyLand/ World far more than my husband does.
11. Going to Florida for a few days without Nate works out beautifully.
12. Our house looks significantly better when there are no white walls in any of the rooms.
13. Our yard looks significantly worse when there are 8 different types of scooters, wagons, and bikes parked on the lawn.

To those two of you who are still reading... thanks for toughing this out with me.
Hopefully, I will have more to come


Cindy said...

: )
We need non white walls at our house as well...

Kara said...

It's about time you updated. The 2 of us who read have now commented, so would you please post again? :)

Rebecca Parker said...

i've never met you in person, but your posts are quite make it 3 who read your blog:) i've been checking reg, so thanks for update from your husband's cousin in wa! ps great fam pic on top too!!