Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a difference a year makes..The Finale

Sweet B-Man. What a little prince you are. So kind and loving. So responsible.
And yet, SUCH A BOY!!!
I sure do love you!

In the past 365 days, B-Man has done the following...
*He has become a stud on the soccer field AND on the dance floor. He even had the opportunity to show off some of his breakdancing moves for his elementary school. I think that the administrators suffered from a little bit of racial profiling in that all of the student body raised their hands to dance for an assembly and B-Man was one of the 6 picked, but he was glowing from excitement when he came home that day and told me all about it!
*Speaking of school, B-Man was just awarded a Principal's Pride Award for the month of January. He gets a special luncheon with the Principal and his momma and dad. We are so proud of him!
*B-Man has become an incredibly money motivated young man. He knows which chores receive what amount of money. He has learned this past year that cleaning the basement will get him a heck of a lot more money than clearing the table. Thus, he has become our resident basement cleaner!
*He has become very interested in the human body. We have spent A LOT of time this year talking about all of the wonderful parts of a body and functions of the body. Who knew that mommas had to talk about penises and vaginas and heart defects and why people are in wheelchairs and how a doctor can fix so many things?!?! But there may be a silver lining to all of these discussions, because right now, B-Man says that he would like to be a surgeon when he grows up.

During the past 365 days, I have learned...
*B-Man would prefer jello to cake for his birthday.
*He still has a soft spot in his little seven year old heart for McKinlee.
*He is "Ultra Competitive!" and likes to be the best at EVERYTHING!
*He loves to be well groomed and would prefer to wear nice jeans over anything else. Alas, he has worn through three pairs of jeans since September making it somewhat difficult to stay on top of his grooming standards.
*He LOVES to be loved on... kisses and hugs and cuddle sessions are plenty.

I am so lucky!

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Jenn said...

He's looking a lot more like Danny these days - so, so handsome. He and Danny go through jeans the same way, too. Yowza.

Nominated you for a bloggy award today! :